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Macedonia Application Call


This August, Preparing Global Leaders Institute (PGLI) will hold its 5th jubilee edition on the premises of FON University in Struga and Skopje.

PGLI 2016 Delegates will take short courses on political economy, international relations, diplomacy, foreign policy, leadership and communication from a distinguished, award-winning faculty. Beyond the classroom delegates will be challenged to develop and demonstrate their skills in media, speech, parliamentary, and advertising simulations and competitions.

Complementary to the official program, delegates will hear political dignitaries discuss their leadership experiences and have the opportunity to socialize with talented and accomplished young leaders from 50+ countries. Finally, delegates will benefit from immersion in the host country during an 10-day stay on the beautiful coast of the Lake of Ohrid, a UNESCO heritage site, and concluding weekend in the Macedonian Capital Skopje, alongside recreational trips to Ohrid, St. Naum, and Vevchani.


  • Citizens of any country in the world are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants born in 1981 and after.
  • All applicants must be either enrolled to a higher education institution or have
    already completed university level studies.

  • Applications are welcome by young professionals provided that they have completed at least first cycle of university studies.


A completed application form (please download form) is necessary to register for the Preparing Global Leaders Institute. A confirmation letter to all applicants will be sent by e-mail upon acceptance of the application. All applicants will be additionally informed by e-mail on the decision by the PGLI Admissions Board. This decision will be final and cannot be appealed upon delivery. Information and consent forms will be mailed in April, May, and June 2016. PGLI will grant refunds only when a cancellation is received by July 11, 2016.


  • Application form;
  • Recent photo (jPEG format);
  • CV and, if requesting Financial Aid;
  • Letter of Reference Documenting Financial Need (highly recommended);
A completed application form with all support documents (optional documents are not required) should be sent to: admissions@pglinstitute.org with a subject title: PGLI 2016 Application Form. Please note that admission to the Institute is made on a rolling basis, therefore, earlier applications will receive priority consideration. Only successful applicants are entitled to financial grants to support their participation at PGLI 2016. Should you have additional queries regarding the admission process or any other related concerns, do not hesitate to contact us via email: info@pglinstitute.org.


The full cost of the program is 1500 EUR covering tuition fees, accommodation, 36 meals (full board), special events, sports facilities, vocational trips, and transportation Struga-Skopje. Delegates are responsible for travel arrangements and associated VISA costs (if needed) to Macedonia. There is also a range of financial support available. Delegates are nonetheless expected to pay a minimum contribution of 300 EUR. Upon admission, all delegates will be provided with a PGLI Recommendation Letter to support potential fund-raising activities.


Financial support is allocated on a rolling basis and earlier applications are given priority, therefore, applicants in need of financial support are urged to apply well before the deadline. Final deadline for Category A applicants is May 22, 2016 (UTC/GMT-10hrs). Category B and C entries will be received until June 26, 2016(UTC/GMT-10hrs).

*Category A: applicants who hold a citizenship of a country that needs VISA to enter Macedonia, check your VISA status.

*Category B: applicants who hold a citizenship of Belarus and Georgia or any holder of a multi-entry Schengen VISA (Type C), American, British or Canadian VISA with a validity period that covers the dates August 10-27, 2016. Category B delegates are entitled to a VISA-free entry to Macedonia.

*Category C: applicants who hold a citizenship of a country that does not need VISA to enter Macedonia.

Download form and further information are available here.

Please send us you contributions at contact@mediactiveyouth.net

We welcome a variety of forms: articles, photos, video content, caricatures... When sending us an article, consider including a suitable photo to go with it, thus making your contribution more visually appealing.

All contributions should be dedicated to the issues of youth
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The right to publish in the magazine belongs to everyone!


M(A)Y publishes a variety of media contents – texts, caricatures, photos, video-clips – created by young people, youth workers, experts, and all others that wish and have something to say about youth policy.

Geographically, M(A)Y e-Magazine is primarily targeting European countries, but it also publishes important news and initiatives in the field of youth policy worldwide.

The e-Magazine gives special attention to youth media activism, wishing to present the examples of best practices of using different media for youth activism.

Besides authored articles, M(A)Y also gathers together relevant articles from other web-sites. M(A)Ye-Magazine is thus a virtual space where visitors are able to get information about the international situation and problems of youth policy, and the place where young authors are able to write articles and other content intended for improving the youth policy internationally. In this respect, it has vital importance for the intraregional and transregional association, understanding, coming together, promoting dialogue and cooperation.
This portal has been created as part of the international MEDIActive Youth project implemented within the Erasmus + Programme. The aims of the project are:
Increasing the capacity of youth organisations/workers in the field of media literacy and media activism as well as fostering their active participation in society
Fostering intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 10 countries from Western Balkans, Western Europe and North Europe regions
Strengthening media promotion of youth policy and democratic values in partner countries on transregional and European level.