Preparations for Full Participation of Serbia in Erasmus+

The Republic of Serbia currently participates only partially in the Erasmus+ Programme Union for education, training, youth and sport (Erasmus+ henceforth), but in the near future should establish full participation, which means that the individuals and institutions from Serbia could participate in all parts of the programme. Full membership in the Erasmus+ programme is a must for Serbia not only as this is required of her in order to fulfill obligations from the Chapter 26 in her EU accession process, but also in order to be able to attract significantly higher funding to help young people and develop education in Serbia.

In the course of implementing these preparatory measures, so called project piloting will be performed, which means issuing test application calls for those types of calls that Serbia was ineligible for so far. It is estimated that organisations will be able to participate at the Key Action 1 (KA1), which apply to youth and youth worker’s mobility in the autumn of 2016, and that from 2017 KA2 projects of institutional cooperation, in the first place strategic partnerships, will be opened for Serbia. It is vital to reach high percentage of high quality projects during the implementation of these preparatory measures, as that would confirm Serbia’s capacity for getting funds from these programmes and thereby reach full potentials and partake in all activities that the programme offers to the Programme countries.

For information in Serbian, visit this site.

Vladan Janković, CDER Serbia

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