Are you the best volunteer?

Do you think you'd be the Best Volunteer Ever?


Post a text, photo, gif or video on this Event page before 20 May. (You can also post with the #BestVolunteerEver hashtag on Instagram or Twitter).


Your post will be judged by a panel of EVS organisations looking for volunteers from abroad, and could win you a 200 EUR travel voucher!


Follow our live stream on the Erasmus+ Facebook Page on 20 May, when the EVS judges announce their 3 favourite posts during the European Youth Event in Strasbourg.


In the last 20 years, the European Voluntary Service has connected over 100,000 young people with organisations looking for volunteers abroad.

If you’d like to volunteer or are looking for volunteers, check out this site.


  • Be original. You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright to all work submitted.
  • Ask permission. In addition to owning the copyright, you declare that you have complied
    with all relevant laws in producing your work.

  • Stay safe. Do not put yourself or others in danger when making your entry for the competition.
  • Share with us. By submitting your entry, you grant the European Commission, Erasmus+
    and its National Agencies the non-exclusive rights to reproduce it for any purpose, at any time,
    in any media, with attribution.

  • Don’t send too much. Each person or organisation may submit a maximum of 3 entries.
  • Don’t over-edit. Photographs must not contain extensive editing. Basic cropping, colour correction and retouching are acceptable. Special effects, computer-generated images and other heavy modifications should be avoided.

Please send us you contributions at contact@mediactiveyouth.net

We welcome a variety of forms: articles, photos, video content, caricatures... When sending us an article, consider including a suitable photo to go with it, thus making your contribution more visually appealing.

All contributions should be dedicated to the issues of youth
and youth policy.

The right to publish in the magazine belongs to everyone!


M(A)Y publishes a variety of media contents – texts, caricatures, photos, video-clips – created by young people, youth workers, experts, and all others that wish and have something to say about youth policy.

Geographically, M(A)Y e-Magazine is primarily targeting European countries, but it also publishes important news and initiatives in the field of youth policy worldwide.

The e-Magazine gives special attention to youth media activism, wishing to present the examples of best practices of using different media for youth activism.

Besides authored articles, M(A)Y also gathers together relevant articles from other web-sites. M(A)Ye-Magazine is thus a virtual space where visitors are able to get information about the international situation and problems of youth policy, and the place where young authors are able to write articles and other content intended for improving the youth policy internationally. In this respect, it has vital importance for the intraregional and transregional association, understanding, coming together, promoting dialogue and cooperation.
This portal has been created as part of the international MEDIActive Youth project implemented within the Erasmus + Programme. The aims of the project are:
Increasing the capacity of youth organisations/workers in the field of media literacy and media activism as well as fostering their active participation in society
Fostering intraregional and transregional cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 10 countries from Western Balkans, Western Europe and North Europe regions
Strengthening media promotion of youth policy and democratic values in partner countries on transregional and European level.